Bali: Cost of living

“If you want to have a driver, full staff, nanny, big house….you can, if you’ve got the wallet for it. But you can also have a pretty sweet standard of living as a “not rich” normal person… I… Read More

Bali with babies: where to buy supplies

When I first arrived in Bali I had to figure everything out all by my onesies but I’m gonna save you the work and tell you where you can find everything you’ll need for babies, toddlers and little… Read More

Rice ‘3 ways’ and other life lessons

Our eldest little terrorist turned 2 last week so we threw him a bitchin pool party.  Nothing fancy, just bbq, swimming, cake and booze for the grown ups because I don’t know a parent of any toddler that… Read More

Singapore vay-kay

A couple of weekends ago, we took a little trip.  More a migrant right of passage, if you will.  To Singapore.  Hashtag #VisaRun! Hubs might be Indonesian but if me and les enfants wish to remain in Bali,… Read More