Bali: Cost of living

“If you want to have a driver, full staff, nanny, big house….you can, if you’ve got the wallet for it. But you can also have a pretty sweet standard of living as a “not rich” normal person… I… Read More

The grass is greener…but then so is my hair

We’ve lived in Bali now for a little over 6 months and hand on head, I’ve barely had one good hair day.  Stick with me lads, it gets more interesting… Thicker, glossier hair is a cruel lie you’re… Read More

A ‘day of silence’…every mothers not so secret fantasy

Before the pandemic hit, it had been pretty busy here in Bali, what with all the spirits in town. Bali is so much more than the tropical paradise you see on Instagram.  It’s rich culture and traditional values… Read More

…and she has children! #MumsGoneWild

If you’re hanging and you know it, clap your hands…barf, barf. Last month, I went out.  Like out, out.  Without children.  Without inhibitions.  And very much, with alcohol.  It didn’t end well…. It had been exactly 479 days… Read More