Bali with babies: where to buy supplies

When I first arrived in Bali I had to figure everything out all by my onesies but I’m gonna save you the work and tell you where you can find everything you’ll need for babies, toddlers and little… Read More

The One With The Wedding

“Ibu – how old is your daughter? She has a really cute ass.” 10 days earlier… We got hitched in the great outdoors in Greolieres, France – a teeny tiny mountain top village in Provence near our then… Read More

“To err is to be a parent” or some other clever bollocks. I don’t know. I’m tired. Bye.

Do hubby and I argue? Abso-fucking-lutely. Do we argue in front of the kids? We have done. Am I proud of it? Nope, but it has happened on rare occasions and anyone that tells you they don’t, or… Read More

A ‘day of silence’…every mothers not so secret fantasy

Before the pandemic hit, it had been pretty busy here in Bali, what with all the spirits in town. Bali is so much more than the tropical paradise you see on Instagram.  It’s rich culture and traditional values… Read More

…and she has children! #MumsGoneWild

If you’re hanging and you know it, clap your hands…barf, barf. Last month, I went out.  Like out, out.  Without children.  Without inhibitions.  And very much, with alcohol.  It didn’t end well…. It had been exactly 479 days… Read More

Rice ‘3 ways’ and other life lessons

Our eldest little terrorist turned 2 last week so we threw him a bitchin pool party.  Nothing fancy, just bbq, swimming, cake and booze for the grown ups because I don’t know a parent of any toddler that… Read More

Kantor Immigrasi

Oh joy! Just what mummy needs after a morning in the immigration office.  A shopping mall meltdown! 4 sweaty hours ago…. I miss MY car.  We “have” a car but its not ours, its our drivers.  As luxurious… Read More