Bali Bucket List Family Adventures

Think you can’t enjoy epic adventures in Bali because you’ve got small kids? Think again. We’ve been exploring, hiking, climbing and adventuring all over this stunning island for 2 years with 2 kids under 4. So here’s some… Read More

Leke Leke with kids

“I showed her pictures of Leke Leke. She was sold. I packed snacks and the hiking carrier for Eia and we piled into our cars 30 minutes later.” You pronounce it “Leky Leky“. Just fyi…. We visit aaaaaaalot… Read More

Bali: Cost of living

“If you want to have a driver, full staff, nanny, big house….you can, if you’ve got the wallet for it. But you can also have a pretty sweet standard of living as a “not rich” normal person… I… Read More

Bali with babies: where to buy supplies

When I first arrived in Bali I had to figure everything out all by my onesies but I’m gonna save you the work and tell you where you can find everything you’ll need for babies, toddlers and little… Read More

Kids, crap and Karma Kandara

Pre children, Hardin and I backpacked the globe, rock climbing. Holiday accommodation – no stars? No problem! My idea of hell would have been any kind of luxury resort jobby. And beaches where people actually pay for loungers… Read More

Kantor Immigrasi

Oh joy! Just what mummy needs after a morning in the immigration office.  A shopping mall meltdown! 4 sweaty hours ago…. I miss MY car.  We “have” a car but its not ours, its our drivers.  As luxurious… Read More