Beach with kids: beachbum surf mum hacks

Nobody:Me: “let me tell you what lives in my bottomless, Poppins style beach bag….“ You don’t raise kids on a tropical island and not pick up a thing or five about beach life hacks to make your mum… Read More

The view from Bali – my worries on the coronavirus crisis on the Island of Gods

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the sea south of Bali the other day.  Its our third since moving here 6 months ago.  It did no damage and no tsunami warning was issued but the mere fact that we… Read More

Let’s do this sh*t!

Walking, talking and turds in the toilet.  We tackled the latter of these three parenting milestones recently.  That’s been fun… In November last year, about a month before his second birthday, Arlo announced at the crack of dawn… Read More

Nothing changes if nothing changes…

Mummies repeat after me…self care isn’t selfish, its self preservation. Its been a while since my last (tired and teary) blog post and I wish I could say I’ve been sleeping all this time but motherhood waits for… Read More

Sleep…or lack thereof!

I’m usually quite good at keeping my shit together but last night I cried.  Hard.  I had been up and down the stairs 7 times since bedtime, which isn’t unusual but last night something just broke inside me… Read More

Kids, crap and Karma Kandara

Pre children, Hardin and I backpacked the globe, rock climbing. Holiday accommodation – no stars? No problem! My idea of hell would have been any kind of luxury resort jobby. And beaches where people actually pay for loungers… Read More

Kantor Immigrasi

Oh joy! Just what mummy needs after a morning in the immigration office.  A shopping mall meltdown! 4 sweaty hours ago…. I miss MY car.  We “have” a car but its not ours, its our drivers.  As luxurious… Read More