Leke Leke with kids

“I showed her pictures of Leke Leke. She was sold. I packed snacks and the hiking carrier for Eia and we piled into our cars 30 minutes later.”

You pronounce it “Leky Leky“. Just fyi….

We visit aaaaaaalot of waterfalls. By now you should know how much I love getting outside with the kids and waterfall walks are really accessible here since there are a gazillion waterfalls in Bali. For me hiking to a waterfall is a “two birds with one stone” jobby – it exercises Marley (our golden retriever), it tires out the kids but gives them something to work towards on our walk (maybe a swim, definitely some kind of food treat when we get there!) and being in nature keeps me happy and sane! Ok, that’s three but fck it!

There are loads of waterfalls in Bali that aren’t much of a walk, you literally fall out the car and there they are but I like the ones that feel a bit more wild. With proper walk ins. That make you sweat! The other week my friend Michelle wanted to do a waterfall walk with her son and us and asked me where we could go since I’m the waterfall adventure obsessed mum in the group. The criteria was “one with a proper walk and within an hours drive of our house” in Sanur. I showed her pictures of Leke Leke. She was sold. I packed snacks and the hiking carrier for Eia and we piled into our cars 30 minutes later.

Leke Leke is one of my favourite waterfall walks to do with the kids & one we go back to over & over again. It also gets really busy in non covid times cause its super popular with content creators taking the same photos that 309760758763 other travel couples have taken every day since Eat, Pray, Love and the instagram effect landed in Bali. Come on guys, be original! Seriously, go check the instagram hashtag if you don’t believe me 🙂

Waterfall selfie complete with a couple of the instagrammers we stumbled upon!

The last time we visited we stumbled upon a couple of travel couples taking some sexy pics. I don’t think theres a better contraception method for a young couple than a couple of red faced, sweaty mums, boobs ruined from breastfeeding, appearing out of the jungle with 3 sweaty kids in tow! Be safe kids or you’ll end up in our boat 😛 To be fair, they were all really, really sweet kids. I actually feel bad that we probably put them off “physical activity” for a bit! Anyhoo, I’m being mean. Honest. But mean…..so lets move on!

Leke Leke is a stunning Bali must see so here’s some stuff I’ve gleaned from our many visits to prep you before you go with your own kids…

It’s 50K IDR for access. Small kids (I wanna say under 5’s…?) go for free! Theres a little ticket booth next to the parking. While we’re on that note, there’s not a huge amount of space for parking. I managed to park my soccer mum car with no trouble lately only because the island is so quiet. It’d be best to have a driver drop you off & pick you up (sounds lavish but very normal in Bali for travellers!) or take a moped, which sounds crazy but also very normal in Bali to use bikes as people carriers!

To reach the waterfall, you take a bunch of steps down the side of the valley, then follow flat(ish) sections of trail, more steps, more trail, cross a bamboo bridge, a few more steps, a bit more trail & then you’re there. Arlo is 3.5 & hewalks the whole way, Eia is 2 & she’s mostly in the hiking carrier – it takes us about 20 mins going down & 30 coming back up to give you an idea of timing. Though if you don’t have little legs with you, you could do it down and up in 20 minutes!

You can visit Leke Leke go all year but it’s best in the dry season (Apr-Oct). The water is clearer & the walk is a bit less humid! Marginally…

Also there’s not a huge amount of space at the base of the falls, it’s pretty much standing room only (it looks quiet in my pics cause covid) but theres often a lot of people at the bottom. I’d say its best to go early but the instagram crowd have got that down pat for all the popular spots here so you’ll probably even have company early doors. But we can usually perch on a little stone for our snacks – bring a towel for your bum cause everything is wet from the spray.

Theres a toilet and changing room at the top of the path, next to the warung at the top of the steps. Its closed right now because of covid (the warung, not the toilet!). You can get nice food and refreshments here before or after seeing the waterfall (the warung, not the toilet!) and the view over the jungle is awesome. You need to pay 5K for the pleasure though if you’re not eating there (the toilet, not the warung!) 🙂  

Bonus local mum tip for small kids!! On the way down when you see the sweet old dude with the tiny owl selling coconuts (the guy’s selling coconuts, not the owl 😆) continue along the original path going LEFT & down. He’ll try to encourage you to take his new path past his warung but the steps are too big for little legs & slippery AF! Don’t forget to stop in & see him on the way back up for a coconut! Or local fresh fruit, he usually has passion fruit or salak…..yummmmm…..Arlo loves him cause he loves salak & he always sneaks a little freebie fruit into his hand! Oh and by that I mean Arlo loves salak, not the man. I mean, he (the man) probably loves it too, who knows! But just wanted to be clear. Ok, I think that’s everything. To summarise, Leke Leke is awesome with small kids. Go see it when you’re in Bali. Clear? 🙂

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